Letter from the Editor: Laura Marychruk

Dear Loyal Readers,  As I am sure many of you, I am still reeling from the tragic death of Peter Traczyk.  Shock, followed by bewilderment, followed by sadness, and now morphing into anger and disappointment…As it is our local political season, I had spoken to Peter a few days prior to his death about his run for a D200 board seat.  As others recounted in numerous stories I read in the Wednesday Journal, he was upbeat, excited and enthusiastic to attend the candidate forum I was organizing.  I too was excited to see him and looking forward to having the opportunity to vote for him for the first time, since I am a River Forest resident.  Our community has suffered a great loss, his dedication to community was extraordinary and the loss will be felt for a long time.  I hope that his family is able to heal, and be comforted by the love and respect that surrounds them.  We will miss you Peter!This year has brought on a very contentious political season in River Forest.  The battle over parking spaces allotted in the exterior plan for Roosevelt Middle School has pitted neighbor against neighbor.  The battle has raged over 3 years causing a very negative pallor to settle over our small town. The camps seem to be divided down the line of: people who have young or elementary school age children, and those who currently do not.  As a Realtor who began selling houses over 20 years ago, I have witnessed first hand the changing River Forest buyer.  The young, urban buyers are flocking to the highly rated school system in droves.  The demand of those residents has been pitted against the status quo mentality of long time residents.  The races for both D90 School Board and Village Board, are very heated.  I will be hosting forums for both races this month.  I hope to see you there but most importantly I hope you VOTE!

P.S. If you are not a registered voter, you still have time.  The deadline to register is March 10th.  Go to www.elections.il.gov.