CrossFit Spero Opens in New Oak Park Arts District Location

After spending 3 years in a rental space on the 300 block of Harrison, owner Dave Greene officially moved his CrossFit Spero business to 221 Harrison on October 1st of this year. The new location is less than two blocks away from the first, however, its planning took almost a year. When Greene purchased the new building in November of 2017 it was an empty brick shell in need of complete renovation. Thanks to his efforts, the result is an impressive loft space. This isn’t the first time Greene has made a change.

A CrossFit Journey Begins

Dissatisfied with his job and in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, Greene discovered CrossFit in 2012. He founded CrossFit Spero in July of 2014 and ran it out of a garage. The term Spero comes from Greene’s family motto “semper spero”, Latin for “always hope.” CrossFit isn’t a franchise; it’s a licensing agreement. When asked what CrossFit is Green provides a succinct definition, “It’s a workout based on constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity.”

A CrossFit gym doesn’t have rows of cardio and weight machines arranged by muscle group. Instead, you’re likely to find tractor tires and stacks of weight plates. Each day brings a new Workout of the Day (WOD in CrossFit lingo). With an underlying emphasis on safety and form, CrossFit works the body from the inside out (core to extremities).

CrossFit Spero

The impressive new loft space at CrossFit Spero. Located at 221 Harrison in the Oak Park Arts District.

Misconceptions of CrossFit

According to Greene there are some misconceptions about CrossFit. Many people hear the term CrossFit and conjure up an image of an uber disciplined super human. They might imagine a fiercely competitive person in the prime of life that refrains from consuming any type of unhealthy food or indulgence – a fitness machine that resides permanently at the pinnacle of maximum potential.

While that description might apply to a relatively small portion of the professional CrossFit devotees around the world, the reality is much more approachable, inclusive and less intimidating.

Goals at Spero are set relative to each individual’s abilities, regardless of past workout experience or stage in life. The age of participants range from 3 (there’s a CrossFit Kids program) to seventy years old. It’s not uncommon for members to start with little, if any, prior experience. There’s a children’s playroom that indicates the popularity of CrossFit amongst parents.

Sense of Community

The difference between CrossFit and most other fitness programs is its notable sense of community. Upon entering Spero one can’t help notice how encouraging and friendly the vibe is. For many people going to the gym is a compartmentalized activity. They may view working out as another item to check off a to do list.

Dave Greene CrossFit Spero

CrossFit Spero Owner, Dave Greene

Greene’s approach is more lifestyle-based. His enthusiasm for CrossFit and its ability to enable his clients’ physical and personal growth is evident and contagious. According to Greene, one of the most rewarding things is when a client achieves something they didn’t think was possible, “It could be the ability to lift a certain weight or being able to perform their first pull-up. It could be a goal that takes a few workouts or over a year to achieve.”

CrossFit seems to have the uncanny ability to enable people to break through physical barriers and squash their self-limiting beliefs both inside and out of the gym. Loyalty is a byproduct of these shared successes. Many of Greene’s clients have been with him since the beginning.

In addition to fitness assessments and goal setting, Spero provides general nutritional services. According to Greene the most successful diet is the one that can be maintained. Depending on a person’s commitment level, it’s not uncommon for clients to see results within a month or two of starting CrossFit.

Learn More About CrossFit Spero

To learn more check out to schedule a free trial or visit in person at 221 Harrison St. right here in the Oak Park Arts District.