Buzz Cafe Staff

General Manager- Alana LeBeau

Alana LeBeau has been working for Buzz Cafe since early 2002.  Hired as a Barista/Server, and not knowing anything about coffee or being a server, she quickly found her groove here, and has been going strong ever since!  Currently the General Manager, she spends most of her time in the upstairs office, but very much looks forward to the time she gets to spend downstairs in the Cafe with the people who mean the most- the customers and employees!!  She truly enjoys working here and cherishes being part of ‘the Buzz Family.’

Alana was born and raised in Oak Park, though currently lives in LaGrange Park with her husband (who she met working here!!!), two sons, and two cats.  Her time is spent working, sleeping, and being with her family.

Kitchen Manager – Brian Thompson

Morning Manager – Matthew Johnston

Matt Johnston was hired January 20th 2003 as a waiter and barista and started training on the spot, by that Sunday a waiter quit and he was pretty much full time.  Matt thought he would escape after leaving for the summer to work in the box office at Peninsula Players but just like the mafia when you think you’re out you’re never really out.  By October of 2003 Matt was back waiting and baristaing, by that December the full time morning manager left her position and her job was given to someone else.  That person, who shall not be named, lasted about a month and then left.  By January of 2004 Matt started the long road of full time management at the Buzz Cafe.  Matt has survived three General Managers, four Kitchen Managers, and a slew of part time employees.  He has made it through shelving collapse, building collapse, power outages, broken toasters, and fire.

Evening/Art/Music Manager – Mark Paulik

Mark was hired in August of 2010 as a Barista.  In 2012 he was promoted and has been the Night/Art&Music Manager ever since. Mark enjoys lots of things, but sports, music and riding his bike to work and everywhere else rank among the highest.