Letter From The Editor

Dear Loyal Readers,

I have exciting news to report! Some of you may know that I am also a Real Estate Broker. Just recently, I was hired by the Filarski Brothers and Brand & Co. to represent them as their listing agent in order to help them get the space at 136 Harrison and the La Majada Building leased! I am thrilled to be able to contribute meaningfully to the improvement of our Arts District and to be the face of the District to potential lessees! The La Majada building will undergo a full renovation inside and out and will have an entirely new look! I have a copy of the rendering on the front page of this newsletter. The brick will be painted white, blue and green and the storefront windows will be almost floor to ceiling and very modern. Brand & Co. will begin the construction in a couple of weeks and will be able have tenants in by August 1st! The space at 136 Harrison is available immediately and is the perfect spot for a new small business.

This will be a pivotal turning point for our district! I am certain that I will be able to find tenants and our district will become a vibrant hub!

If YOU or anyone you know is interested in starting or growing their business, call me to discuss the opportunities we have here in the district!

Regarding the Kleronomos buildings, I am working hard to find buyers instead of tenants. It is my firm belief that ANY level of ownership interest by Chris Kleronomos in those buildings is a bad omen… I believe that the only way to free our District entirely from his influence is to cut him out entirely and turn ownership of those buildings over to local, trusted entities. Again, if you or anyone you know are interested in owning one of the larger buildings in our District, call or text me to discuss.

Thank you!!

Laura Maychruk

Real Estate Broker & Owner of Buzz Café