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Letter From The Editor

Dear Loyal Readers, I have exciting news to report! Some of you may know that I am also a Real Estate Broker. Just recently, I was hired by the Filarski Brothers and Brand & Co. to represent them as their listing agent in order to help them get the space at 136 Harrison and the…

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Family Album-Talking Sound & Vision with Jake Harper

Family Album-Talking Sound & Vision with Jake Harper By Laurel Wolff Odds are, you’re reading this at the Buzz, maybe waiting for a latte or sitting at a table poking at your laptop. A chair scrapes back, a coat comes off, a toddler drops a spoon, a lunch order is taken, there’s a phone conversation…

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Majamas Grows Out of The Arts District

Majamas Storefront at 907-909 S. Lombard since 2003. They will be missed...

Many of you have stopped by the counter in the morning to ask or mention that our neighbors, Majamas, has gone out of business. The wonderful news is no, they have not gone out of business, the sad news is that they just don’t have enough space here in the Oak Park Arts District. That’s…

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Letter from the Editor: Laura Marychruk

Dear Loyal Readers,  As I am sure many of you, I am still reeling from the tragic death of Peter Traczyk.  Shock, followed by bewilderment, followed by sadness, and now morphing into anger and disappointment…As it is our local political season, I had spoken to Peter a few days prior to his death about his…

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There’s No Place Like The Arts District for the Holidays!

  It’s that time of year again, waistlines are expanding, Dylan isn’t wearing shorts, and people are wrestling with each other over deals on flat screen TV’s. That’s right folks, “the holidays” are upon us and if your family is anything like my family you’ve already purchased all of your gifts for yourself and informed…

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Buzz Café is a Certified Green Business! WE COMPOST WE RECYCLE WE SOURCE FOODS LOCALLY WE CONSERVE ENERGY…and much more! As we continue our GREEN efforts, we have introduced a compost bin at the coffee station. Please place your stir stick,napkins, straw paper and sugar packet papers into the bin, so we can compost it! THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

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Buzz Cafe Turned Sweet Sixteen, So Come Out and Paint a Chair! By Matthew Johnston


Every once in a while I look around at the Buzz and think our little café has grown up so fast.  Just yesterday we were preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a small electric grill, old sparky (seriously that thing shocked me every morning) and now we currently have a range with two whole burners! …

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Letter from the Editor: Laura Maychruk


Dear Loyal Readers,  My oldest child has just turned 16….YES, Buzz Café is now sixteen years old!  Hopefully many of you reading this will have celebrated with us on August 31st, with a FREE cup of coffee!—I hope so, because we would not be here without YOU!  Thank you! It may seem strange to refer…

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